The Ralph Wiggum, (written documentary of animal species)

Ralphius stupidus

Personal characteristics:

This is an amazing drawing of the Ralph doing its normal activities. The Ralph thinks normal things are magical. Unlike other Homo Sapiens he finds breathing hard, he thinks water taps are video games and he is very gullible. Ralph has lots of friends (110% imaginary including a dog that can fly using his ears and tail and a leprechaun* ) He is the only human to actually enjoy observing poochie on the Itchy and scratchy show.


The Ralph lives in a city named Springfield with his family and a pig named price pork-chops. This pig has an equal intellectual level as Ralph. Hobbies:

Ralph is very brave, he loves exploring especially up his nose.

List of things Ralph can fit up his respiratory holes: Asparagus heads, crayons, erasers, mushed up donuts etc…

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